SMS Just Appeared After Being Deleted 1 Year Ago

So I was just in the middle of texting a friend, when a text message from over a year ago suddenly appeared on my iPhone. Basically what happened was I was typing a text as normal, hit send, and then a few seconds later, the text message I sent was replaced with the one from last year. If that isn't strange enough, the text message that came up was from a conversation with someone that had been completely deleted. I verified this by opening up the persons contact and the text message section was still blank. The person I was texting at the time says they received the correct text, the one I just typed. So this year old message only shows up on my phone.

My phone has been synced several times since I deleted the conversation with this one person, so it shouldn't be still stored on my phone. And according to Verizon, they don't retain SMS after 10 days. And even though this isn't an autocorrect situation since when I hit send I'm pretty sure the correct text message was in the input field, I did verify that I have no autocorrects currently setup (besides that stupid "omw" one).

Any ideas what happened?

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