Signal dropping
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Just adding that I am seeing the signal dropping issue in NJ with my iPhone 7. I drive the turnpike every day and often drop service completely once or twice. Doesn't come back until I toggle airplane mode on and off. I never had this issue with a previous iPhone model.

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Re: Signal dropping
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This is certainly concerning to hear! Let's see if we can rule out the SIM Card possibly being defective. I highly recommend going to a nearby Corporate Retail Location for a free replacement SIM Card.

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Re: Signal dropping
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It's not the SIM card! There is an issue with the iPhone 7 in certain locations that is being widely reported on this forum and many other forums on the Internet!  Why are you wasting your customers time telling them things that will not fix this known widespread issue!

I think it's shameful that Verizon has not posted publicly or internally about this issue that is being widely reported. People are wasting their time trading out phones and SIM cards trying to fix this issue, which doesn't help!