Signature required for to hold at FedEx location?

Emails from FedEx state I can have my delivery held at a location if not home to sign, but their website doesn't actually give that option based on restrictions of the shipper.  What do you do if you won't be home to sign?

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Susanne, we definitely want you to receive your delivery. You have a couple options. You may leave a note for the FedEx delivery person to leave your package (if you trust your area). Some FedEx locations do hold your packages at their sites. I have one by me that does that. They usually attempt to deliver your package a couple times. Finally, once you receive your tracking information we can always see about changing the address if you needed it shipped elsewhere (work, school, etc). You would just need to reach out to our support teams:

Customer Service 800-922-0204

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FedEx: 800-463-3339


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Guess what, I also had no option of how FedEx should deliver my phone, they leave notes on the door and ignore any others, they won't budge unless you call them at their main customer service line and give your info; not even their website works unless you know exactly specifically the way they like your address even if the one on the package is exactly the way you're typing it in, and I've yet to see a way to find out how they like it.

They also said Verizon made the decision to require I be huddled in my home waiting for a knock at the door so I can sign their crumpled ticket with my shriveled fingers, so yah, it would be nice to have an option while ordering to say "LEAVE IT AT THE LEASING OFFICE AND GET A SIGNATURE YOU NINCOMPOOP"

I understand Verizon doesn't want to lose packages for their customers, but making them take the day off work in case the FedEx driver arrives anywhere between 8am and 8pm or having to dial FedEx's massively time-wasting general customer service?! Do you think maybe we could do better here???