Suspending Service Temporarily and Using a Local Sim

I had a question about using my Unlocked iPhone 4S Abroad.

I am currently with Verizon on a contract and I was going to temporarily suspend my service for a month's time while I am on a work trip to Europe- since I will not be using the service in the US and to avoid that month's bill.

I purchased an International Sim card through Telestial to use in Europe that comes with a Global and US #- I will only be using it to make and receive emergency calls- pretty much, I want to be reachable during my vacation, because I have a very ill parent.

My question is- will this sim card work if my service is suspended? I know my Verizon Wireless number will not receive calls or text messages, but will popping a different sim card allow me to receive calls or texts through the networks abroad?


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