Texting not working for one user on my account

It appears that one user on my account is not configured for texting. 3 of us have the same phone, with the same plan, and the same configuration, but texting (non i-message) is not working for one of them. Is there someone who can look at the configuration for this user and fix this?

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GOHEPCAT, I know that I would be just a puzzled by something occurring with one of my lines as well. We are here to help out. Just in case, if you have not done so, I highly recommend reaching out to customer support at 800-922-0204 for immediate support. If standard SMS is not working, I recommend holding down both Power and Home simultaneously, for about 6 seconds. This should power off the phone on its own. Then restart it like normal to see if this helps clear the issue with the non sending SMS messages.

Please keep us posted.

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