Trade-in Shipping Never Arrived


I went through all steps. I submitted a trade-in request for my iPhone 4 on 9/29. I received a Submission ID and I received an e-mail on 9/29 confirming that I will receive shipping material within 5 business days. It is now the 14th business day and I still have not received any shipping material. My pre-ordered iPhone 6 arrived at the store yesterday (10/15/14) and I now have it in hand. I am ready to send my iPhone 4, but the packaging never arrived. I attempt to resubmit for a new trade-in (as I saw suggested on other discussion boards here), I will not get the $200 promotion as I have on 9/29 though, so that doesn't make sense to go that route. With all the rules, I don't want to think that I did not send the iPhone 4 in time. The shipping material not arriving is delaying the process. What do I do from here?


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