Verizon Trade-In Program

I used to be with Verizon a couple of weeks ago, but switched on over to Sprint.

I have an iPhone 4S with Sprint, but would like to trade it in to get credit for Verizon and get the Verizon service again.

Here's my plan basically.

I'll be calling up Sprint telling them i'll be going on "vacation" so they put me on the $8.99/mo vacation plan so I don't have to pay the full monthly plan for 6 months. Will I be able to give Verizon the Sprint iPhone 4S even though it's still connected to my Sprint account, AKA bad ESN? Eventually I will be paying Sprint the ETF.

So basically what I'm asking. Does the Sprint iPhone 4S have to have a clean ESN to do the Trade-In program?


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Re: Verizon Trade-In Program
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I have traded in a couple of smart phones at vzw and the first thing they do is check the numbers