Verizon unable to activate or sell me pre-certified phone.

I went into Apple on University Pkwy in Sarasota twice today. 1. Because my iPhone got fried when I was in the Gulf of Mx. I was asking for a pre-certified iPhone. I am 1 year into my 2 year contract. No insurance. I was told Verizon does not sell pre-certified/owned/refurbished phones period. I must buy a new phone. at 679.00. I told her it was online, and she insisted Verizon does not deal in any pre-certified phones. No deals here. So I left to Apple Store. was able to purchase a pre-certified remanufactured iPhone 6 for 299. I went back to Verizon to get a new SIM card. Whereas Verizon attempted to activate my new phone for 20 minutes. All his efforts failed and he told me to go back to Apple stating they must have sold me a non verizon phone. I went back to Apple, Connected to wifi, and they instantly activate the phone. This is a huge major issue in determining to stay with Verizon.

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