What's up with my phone?

My iPhone 5c got very hot and, now, the start screen won't come on.  I can get the Apple logo to come on for a few seconds if I plug my phone into a charger.  Also there was a peculiar odor when the phone got hot.

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Re: What's up with my phone?
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Oh no, cboyce65! We take this very seriously and would like the oportunity to furhter investigate and see what is going on with your device. In order for us to better assist, I would recommend to bring your device to a local Veriozn Wireless store, bring all power accessories with the device to the retail location, including: Any charging equiptment used with the devcie (e.g., in-box charger, vehicle power charger and desktop charger and/or stand). http://vz.to/1On0sS3 .

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