Why does it take so long to get an Upgrade Eligibility reset?

My upgrade eligibility day was 3/25/2012, however a week ago (3/21/2012) I was browsing the Apple store and checked eligibility to upgrade my phone to an iPhone 4S, it came back that I was eligible so I bought it and when I went to the Apple store to pick it up they had to cancel the order because Verizon did not let them activate the phone, well needless to say Apple cancelled my order and on 3/23/2012 I got my refund. On Sunday I went to the Verzion store to get my phone and a pending order was (still is) in their system. I've spoke with every employee in Verizon and in Apple and they both keep giving me the run around and nobody knows what and why it happened. It has been very frustrating!! Nobody seems to care. I know Apple messed up in the first place but on their end everything is cancelled so I am still waiting on Verizon to reset my Upgrade Eligibility date. Has this ever happened to anybody? They say they have never seen anything like this...

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Re: Why does it take so long to get an Upgrade Eligibility reset?
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Getting a new phone is supposed to be an exciting day, I'm sorry it's been troubled for you. Typically it takes up to 48 hours for the upgrade to reset in our system. I'm not sure why Apple was showing your upgrade before 3/25/2012, since you state that is the accurate eligible upgrade date. If this is still ongoing for you, please send me (AdamE_VZW) a direct message so I can look into your account.

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