Why was my 5s Order Cancelled????

I ordered my 5s at 3:01 AM Eastern time.  Received an email stating that it would be shipped on 9/24 at 3:09 AM.  Today I received an email stating that my order was cancelled because I didn't accept the terms and conditions when I placed the order (which I BLATANTLY did).  Rather than someone just contacting me to discuss, they just cancelled the order!!  After I re-accepted the terms and conditions, I received an email stating that I would now not get the device until 11/11.  I am so frustrated!  This is no way to run a business.  I should have kept my place "in line" so to speak- not get pushed back to the end! 

To make matters worse, I haven't been able to activate a temporary phone on my line so now I have no phone to use at all.  I drive a lot for work so I can't use my navigation system....can't check/compose my emails before/after appointments.... this is so inconvenient!  Come on Verizon, you have to do better!

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Where is the phone you had before? Are you coming from another carrier? If you were with Verizon before ordering the 5S, you have to activate a phone on your line to keep it.

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Hello Donna9400,

I'm glad to see that you are excited to experience all of the amazing features that the iPhone 5S has to offer. We are working around the clock to get out as many 5S to our customers as possible. While I'm glad that you placed another order, when the original order is canceled then the new order does not take the place in line as the original one. May I ask were you able to get your old device activated? If not then please advise of the issue that you are running into so we can help.

Thank you...

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