iPhone 4 wont allow data usage unless on wifi.. Help???

Just about last week my phone (iPhone 4 basically new...June 2013) stopped working when not on wifi. I can only text and make phone calls. I can't even send picture messages? I really don't understand what's going on and it's extremely frustrating! I can't use maps, check email or use any of my apps that require Internet connection! I live in south jersey... But I'm not sure if my are has anything to do with this because I travel back and forth t school.. From glassborro to ocean city. Please Help!

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Re: iPhone 4 wont allow data usage unless on wifi.. Help???
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Let's get your phone acting right so you can access data on your phone and go back to enjoying your service with VZW! being able to use all the functions on your phone is a must! I'm always accessing the internet and send pictures on my phone so I feel your pain.

From what you described it seems as if all functions that require a data connection are not working properly. Are you still having this issue since your post?

If so, where are you located (zip code)? One thing we can try is to reset the network settings http://vz.to/15pEKaV on your phone. Once complete, update the phone by dialing *228 send and selecting option 2 to update. Retest and keep me posted if the issue persists.


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