iPhone 5 Verizon and traveling abroad

So, I currently own a Verizon iPhone4 and was considering upgrading to the iphone 5 for its world phone capabilities. Apparently because the iphone 4 is a CDMA version it cannot be used overseas in Europe which leads to my situation. I will be studying abroad in Spain for 4-5 months and would like to know what my options are in terms of making calls and using data on the iPhone 5.Can someone touch upon what options are available with Verizon? An ideal situation would be that I could use a Spanish SIM card on my iPhone 5 for the time that I am staying there. However, will I be able to use data on my phone? Will I still have to pay for my current plan even though I am not using services in the US? Are there plans specific to traveling outside the US? This is all just very confusing and some clarification would be nice. Thanks!

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Re: iPhone 5 Verizon and traveling abroad

The most important thing to keep in mind is DO NOT USE VERIZON while studying abroad for 4-5 months. It will cost you a FORTUNE. $1.29/minute for calls and $25/100MB for data. See the Verizon global data rates HERE.

Your best bet would be to get a local SIM when you get over there and use a local carrier for your service.

What you can also do is to have your Verizon service suspended(I thing for up to 3 months at a time) without billing. In this case you will have to pay off your current bill, but will then not get another till your service resumes. Your contract would be extended the amount of time your service is suspended without billing, though.

Re: iPhone 5 Verizon and traveling abroad
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What if I am only going for a weeks trip abroad? what would you recommend?