iPhone Conference calls limited!! Please Help

I switched from AT&T iPhone 4s to Verizons iPhone 4s and the conferece calling with Verizon is WAY different then AT&T! I called Verizon and the women i spoke to told me that was cause of the network and i didn't believe that so i asked around and to find out the Blackberry Curve 8520 or any other Blackberry can have more then 3 people! Cause when i had AT&T i was allowed to put up to 10 people and was allowed to place certain ones on hold or hang up on certain people... But with Verizon i can have two other people and if one hangs up or loose singal i have to hang up on the third party then call one back and call the other! This is extremly annoying!!!!

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Re: iPhone Conference calls limited!! Please Help
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Not sure if you're asking a question or what, but yes it's very true that you lost the ability to conference call the way that you were used to with AT&T. This is in the iPhone owners manual that you can either view online (or download the pdf to your computer) or you can view it on your iPhone in Safari under bookmarks. If I'm not mistaken, this is also true for Sprint users. I've been with VZW for years and the last 2 devices I had prior to switching to the iPhone were Blackberry devices...and I was never able to have a true conference call (on the level that you are seeming to really want) on those or any other device I have had with VZW over the last 10 years or so.Only thing I can think of for you is to either switch devices if you know for sure there is another one on VZW that can do what you want or...if it's a feature that is highest on your priority list then you may need to switch back to AT&T. Probably not the answer you want (unless this thread was really just to rant), but for now you won't be able to have that feature on the iPhone 4/4s with VZW...so those may be your only true options if you just have to have the ability.