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I would like to know why am i having a hard time finding the option for upgrade or change my iphone 4 to iphone 5? My contracts ends Aug 22, 2012, and why i'm not finding that options? i am now out of contract and i would like to know how to get iphone 5 with the same features and number/package i have right now. what do i need to do?

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You won't be able to keep unlimited data if you buy the iPhone 5 with subsidized pricing. You have to pay full un-discounted price to keep unlimited data. You can order one through apple or verizon with or without subsidized pricing depending on if you want to keep unlimited data or not.

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I ordered my iphone 5 at 11:58PM when I noticed the online store opened up a little early. The transaction took about 10 min and I had my confirmation email by 12:15AM. However at about 1:10AM, I got a text that I think was from the fraud division stating that I had to reply to the text with a "yes" message to authenticate the order. I replied with yes, but did not get anything further from Verizon. Later that evening I was able to get through to a CSR who confirmed my order and text reply. When I go to the order status page, though, sometimes it doesn't recognize my order until several tries on occasion, but when it does it simply says the order is in process and still indicates a delivery date of 9/21/12 as did the confirmation email. I guess my next step is to see if my credit card was charged, but I'll wait until Monday for that as I don't think Verizon will be up on pre order status questions on their website until Monday. Has anybody checked to see if their cards have been charged already?

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Hi LinLes,
I’ll make sure you not only find that option but complete that upgrade you deserve. Sounds like My Verizon will be a great place to start. When you log into www.vzw.com/signin as the Account Owner, there is a button for “Upgrade Device” on the home screen to start you on your way to pre-ordering the new iPhone 5 for your line. No mobile number change needed. From there, it’s smooth sailing with selecting everything from the color you’d like to accessories. You’ll even be able to confirm your plan and features as you go before completing your check out. At the end, your confirmation email will put your mind at ease and you’ll have your new phone in your hand before you know it.

And if by chance you've already discovered how easy it was to place your iPhone 5 order, you can verify & track the order here: http://bit.ly/rqEisu

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