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Two days ago I woke up and my iphone 5c was searching for service, I have tried using it in various locations and nothing has changed in two full days.

There is no damage to the phone, and in the year that I have had it, there have been no issues. I have tried resetting the phone, removing and reinserting the sim card, and resetting network settings multiple times but it still will not find service. My mothers phone (on the same contract, the same model phone, and in the same location) works just fine and has service as usual. What else can I do to resolve this problem?

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Re: searching for service
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Two days without service is to long.  I appreciate all the troubleshooting you have already completed in efforts to get your iPhone back up and running.  We are going to work together to get this fixed. Prior to this happening to your phone, did you complete any system updates or new applications? Have you tried connecting your iPhone to a computer to complete a restore.  Click on the link for steps on how to complete.

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