unlock iPhone 6 with a black screen/burnt out led. Still works.

We took our phone in two years ago with a black screen. They told us that the cost to replace the LED and decided to get new phones instead. we had most of our photos backed up or we thought we did. We seem to be missing some pictures and videos of our kids crawling and walking first time along with whatever else is there. Last back up had to be closer to 3 months before we took our phones so, recovery won't get those videos. I've been trying hard to just retrace my pattern or passcode, but not quite sure what it is. 

I have it hooked up to my Mac via usb cable. It connects to my photos and iTunes. When I click on my iPhone it keeps giving me the same message of granting permission by trusting device on my iPhone. I'm unable to do this and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the kids videos but with that would love any knowledge or ideas that may help. I was hoping there was some way to log into Verizon and access my phone t\hrough my account and just turn off limitations or privacy, but haven't had any luck to this point. Thanks you so much for anything you can add!!

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