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Asurion issues with getting a replacement phone

I had an iPhone 6 plus that had fallen and cracked the face of the phone so bad that it was unusable.  I filed a claim and paid the deductible.  I next had issues with turning off find my iphone.  I logged into the account and deactivated it by the computer.  I was contacted several times by text from Asurion to another phone and also by a call that it was not turned off.  I next called Verizon and Apple to see if they could help.  I was advised by both that it was not active.  Asurion called me again to state they would charge me $500 if I didn't turn it off.  I told them it was off and I didn't know what to do.  Lady said she would note it and then ended the call - not sure if I am getting a charge or not.  In the meantime, I did receive a replacement phone, however, it locked up continuously making the phone unusable.  Since I run a business, I am dependent upon my phone.  I went online and filed another claim and got a 2nd replacement phone.  It also had issues to where I had to press the side button and home button to shut down and restart if I wanted to use the phone.  Each time I wanted to use this phone I had to repeat.  I called Monday night again to complain about the 2nd replacement and phone and she tested some issues.  I was told that now I would get a new phone, however, they were out of stock.  Yesterday I got a call stating that the phone was still out of stock.  This is insane.  I need my phone and I need one that works.  I have been an 11 year customer and have 7 devices on my plan and feel that I have paid my fair share.  HELP PLEASE!

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Re: Asurion issues with getting a replacement phone
Customer Support

We're so sorry for any issues you've experienced with your replacement device. Please reach back out to Asurion for assistance with your device:

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