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Bad indoor phone reception/wifi for phone

Since upgrading to an iphone 6 my indoor phone reception has deteriated from fair to unusable. I had a few dead zones with my iphone 4s but normaly got 3 bars. I'm down to 1 bar and unable to reliably use the phone in the house. My wifi reception is generally good and I would like to use it for phone but Verizon does not support it(ATT and Sprint do). Is Verizon ever going to support this or does anyone know of a device or trick I can use to improve in house reception (moving around the house or close to window doesn't work).

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Re: Bad indoor phone reception/wifi for phone

your iPhone 6 supports advanced calling 1.0 which means you have the ability to download the Verizon messenger app and use it connected to Wi-Fi to make calls and send and receive text messages as needed.

Re: Bad indoor phone reception/wifi for phone

If Wifi calling doesn't work contact Verizon and see the can send a Network Extender for a reasonable price they usually go for $249

Re: Bad indoor phone reception/wifi for phone
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The key takeaway difference here between the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 6 is that the iPhone 6 is an LTE enabled phone. Usually, 3G will offer better reception, although significantly slower speeds and worse voice quality. This is due to the age of the technology allowing for Verizon to have optimized it's coverage, and due to how it functions under the hood.

Just in case this problem has to do with Voice over LTE being enabled (This allows you to use data while on a call, and have the best voice quality on Verizon), try turning it off. To do this, go to Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE > Change from "Voice and Data" to just "Data."

If you want to see just the 3G coverage, you can temporarily turn off the LTE by going to the same place as above and setting it to Off. I would recommend turning LTE back on when you are done, as 3G will offer significantly slower data service that may be less reliable in busier areas.