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Calls from one number go directly to voicemail - why?

I have five (5) people on my plan and I am the "owner" of the plan.  When I call my elderly mother from my cell phone, it will ring once and then my calls go directly to her voicemail.  However, if I call her from my house or work phone, her phone will ring and she can answer my call.  She also receives calls from other cell phone numbers (like others on our plan or not within the plan) with no problem.  She has an LG "smartphone" and I have an Apple 6+ ... what could be the problem?  It just sounds like she has accidentally "blocked" my cell phone number somehow and I can't see any settings that fix this.  I had her delete my contact information from her phone and then add me back in ... still same result ... I'm the only person who can't call her without my calls going directly to her voicemail.

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Re: Calls from one number go directly to voicemail - why?
Sr. Member

   TEREAS19, two things that could possibly cause this? One might be if DO Not Disturb is turned on in the settings the other might be Call Forwarding.

Call Forwarding - Phone Customer Service | Verizon

Re: Calls from one number go directly to voicemail - why?
Verizon Employee

That is definitely concerning, TEREAS19. It’s good to know so many other lines are not experiencing any trouble with calls to her though.  From your description, it certainly does sound as if the number is blocked on the phone directly since it does allow the call to go to voice mail. Which model LG does she use? When she removed your contact from the phone, did you try placing a call to her before she re-added the contact? Also, with your contact removed, please have her try dialing your number to see if your number is possibly saved to another contact by accident.

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