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Customer Service Complain

Does anyone know who to contact in order to file a complaint about Verizon Wireless customer service? 

Earlier today I had a situation with a Verizon Wireless employee who was assisting me today. I recently got my phone on the prepaid smartphone plan, when I got it they told me I had 14 days to exchange the phone for another one. I went in today to exchange my phone from a 16gb to 64gb and they told me that today was the last day for the exchange. They said that for me to get the exchange I needed to bring the iphone with the box that it came in. I told them okay so I left to the get the box from home and as I was going back to the store, I had an incident and the phone had cracked from the top right corner. I still went to the store to see if I could get it exchange. I told the employee what happened and he told me that I couldn't exchange it anymore because the screen was damage. Since I had insurance I asked if I could fix it and then get it exchange but he said that it would pass the time for the exchange. The employee gave me a card where I could get my phone fixed and he told me that I could go fix my phone and then come back and he would gladly help. I asked if it was a for sure thing and he said yes. So one hour later and $150 spent, I returned to the store and asked the same employee if we could do the exchange now and he said no. I was perplexed, I then asked why and he says that he couldn't do it because it was a damaged. I then asked why did he tell me that it was possible when he clearly knew it wasn't. Furthermore, after having this long conversation with him, he told me that I can go check at another store where they can help me. I decided that I had nothing more to lose and I went to another store, and in this store they told me that I had passed the 14 days exchange period. I was completely baffled. Not only did the employee not know how to do his job, he also gives misguided information and false hope. Because of him I spent unnecessary money and time. I am seriously considering changing providers.

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Re: Customer Service Complain
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You can complain here, with the employees you've already spoken to or anywhere that you want, but not taking responsibility for you causing physical damage won't change anything regarding return policies with Verizon or any other carrier if you switch.

Every retailer in the US requires a product to be 'like new' i.e. not damaged to receive a refund during the return period policy.

Re: Customer Service Complain

A couple of issues here. Unfortunately, you damaged your phone (or whatever happened it was damaged) so that alone voids your ability to use the exchange option. Then through bad advice you went somewhere to have an unauthorized repair (if it wasn't Apple or and Apple Authorized repair facility) so you have now voided your manufacturers warranty. That's a separate issue that may or may not mean anything for you if an issue occurs within the 1 year timeframe it's normally covered. But your initial issue...the damage took away your ability to utilize the return period. You won't be able to complain about that or have it changed because the damage occurred. Unfortunately you didn't have your box and everything with you on the first visit to avoid that. I would complain about the advise to have it repaired somewhere that may not be authorized and may void your manufacturers warranty though. Hopefully you still have the paper the store rep gave you but it's possible you may get the run around with that too.