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Data Usage?

The data usage format is TOTALLY unfair to us customers... Verizon sends us text alerts when we used 75% and 90% of data. But Verizon did not alert us when we reached 99%.  It will charge $15 the moment we overused even by just one byte. Customers don't have a choice to stop using data when it reaches 100%. That means we never can use all 100% of our data we pay for.  The Verizon Customer Service asked me to pay another $4.99 a month for the "Stop" service.

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Re: Data Usage?
Sr. Member

either you control your usage or use wifi or use family base .

once data is used and you are going over what's point to alert you then? if you don't like overage policy then you can go with a carrier who don't have usage but has slow network....choice is yours

Re: Data Usage?
Sr. Member

Sounds like a T-Mobile plan where you get throttled to 128kbps at 100% usage, or any Prepaid carrier (including Verizon) would work.

Re: Data Usage?
Customer Support

We would never want you to go over WINWON31. We always want to make sure you are aware when you are getting close to your data. A great way to manage your account is to log into your My Verizon. I personally have it set on my calendar before the bill cycle so if I need to make a change I can. Family  Base is a great feature to help you manage your families data. The good news is you get the first month free.  Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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