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Data usage over wi-fi

iPhone 5s, iOS 8.3. I'm currently over 90% of my data for the month. Only a couple days left, so I think I can survive. However, this prompted me to look at my data usage.

The data log on VZW's site shows mostly dribs and drabs over the past couple days, but a couple of larger blocks (33 MB and 98 MB) that I expect are downloading podcasts and/or app updates. However, based on the timestamps, these should have happened while I was at home and on wi-fi. Everything I've read says that wi-fi usage doesn't count towards the monthly data cap, only cellular data.

Am I mistaken about wi-fi vs. the data cap?

If not--is there something I need to do on the phone settings to make sure it uses wi-fi when available?

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Re: Data usage over wi-fi
Sr. Leader

Wifi does not count against the data caps.

The time reported is not the time of actual use, but the time the cell tower reports the usage back to home base, which can be up to 6 hours after the actual usage.

Re: Data usage over wi-fi

I am having the same problem.  My son is mostly on wifi but has used 4gb sending the family over our his phone was left home and he was at school when .5 gb were used.  How is this possible

Re: Data usage over wi-fi

You can upgrade your data package to cover the overage and avoid overage fees, only if your bill hasn't closed with the overage on it. You can do that for the billing cycle and then if the plan you are on currently is still available you can switch back to it.

Phones upgrade on their own. The only sure fire way to avoid that kind of data use is to turn off cellular data while connected to Wi-Fi; that way cellular data won't pick up if Wi-Fi drops out. You can also turn off all automatic updates on apps. One last thing is that data is reported periodically to Verizon, not every second of everyday. So if your bill says he used data at 1pm, it could have been earlier that morning.

Re: Data usage over wi-fi
Customer Support


I can see where this would be concerning. Being able to ensure that our children don't go over an allowance is something big in my family too. We do offer Family Base for these types of situations. It will put a limit on how much data that can be used, and if that line uses all, they will not be able to connect to data until the bill cycle ends. Here is more information about that feature: As for the 0.5GB used during school, this can happen. What make/model phone does your son have? If he has his apps set to automatic updates, anytime an update is needed, and the phone is powered on, the phone will do it. Thus using data. If the WiFi is not connected during this time as well, you will see this usage reported. Let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


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