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With continuous increases for services that always stayed the same, with poor customer service, and devices that were always defective, I decided to leave AT&T after 6 long years and go to Verizon, this was in early November. I go to the local Verizon store (zip code: 13815), I speak to a member by the name of Chrisitian! I was interested in getting the Iphone 6s Plus, unfortunately they were out of stock, but he said I can contact Verizon via phone and swap the phone within 14 days! As we proceeded he suggested the Iphone 6s temporarily, before giving him any further information and asked if Verizon does a credit check, and if so is it a hard pull or soft pull on my credit report, he tells me its a soft pull credit check and it wouldn't affect my credit score. I went ahead and completed my purchase! Later on that evening I contacted Verizon via phone, so I can swap out the phone, the CSR put me on hold, just to come back and tell me it was impossible to trade over the phone! In the mist of everything I received a notice from Equifax, Verizon conducted a hard pull on m credit report, I was livid. I contacted Verizon via phone that same day (11/7/15), just to be told there was nothing they can do. I contacted yet again and spoke to a supervisor, still nothing they can do. I asked about swapping phones with this supervisor, he stated it couldn't be done via phone, but suggested I go into a corporate store the following day to swap out the phone, the corporate store was an hour away. The following day I took the trip to the corporate store just to be told they couldn't do anything because I went to a retail store, I was livid. Here the manger I spoke to the night before gave me the wrong information! I had to drive back to 13185, which took me an hour, return the device, than drive back to Oneonta to complete the purchase. These misinformed Verizon workers: conducted a hard inquiry without authorization, told me I can trade the phone over the phone, directed me to a store that wouldn't do a trade in; made my drive 4 hours to resolve the issue; several managers that I spoke to were suppose to call me back, but never did! With no progress I decided to contact Verizon via FB on 11/27 (FB states replies usually occur within one hour), with no response until 12/9 when I FB them again. This is really not a way to do business, especially a new customer coming from one your competitors.

Verizon FB message:

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NOV 27TH, 10:49AM
Good Morning, On 11/72015 I decided to switch from AT&T to Verizon! I was with AT&T for 6 plus years! I went into the Norwich, NY location and was greeted by a gentleman by the name of Chrisitian! As I was going through the process, I asked Chrisitian if the credit check that was required was a soft pull or a hard pull on my credit report! He assured that it was a soft pull and wouldn't affect my credit, so I proceeded. I wanted the iPhone 6s Plus and they only had the iPhone 6s, Chrisitian stated I could contact Verizon via phone and they would swap it out. When I left the store I received notification from Equifax that Verizon conducted a hard pull on my credit report, for someone that takes her credit very seriously I was livid . I contact Verizon via phone, after countless transfers and attempts to remove or recode this hard pull, I got nowhere, they were unfortunately clueless. I inquired about getting the iPhone 6s Plus and they told me I can't do it over the phone. They suggested I go into a different Verizon store and do the swap, I asked what location I can go to and they suggested the Oneonta location since it's a corporate store! The following day I went to Oneonta which is an hour away from me, as soon as I walked in with my stuff and the receipt they told me they couldn't do nothing! I need to go back to Norwich and return the phone! Needless to say I went back to Norwich to return the phone then went back to Oneonta to get the IPhone 6a plus. I was given a ton of false information in a matter of 48hrs. I'd like to request the hard pull that was done either be removed or recoded! Take Care!

The telephone # associated with the account is (607) xxx-xxx


Good Morning! I've contacted Verizon over a week ago in attempts to rectify the situation! Do I have to take this further and file a complaint with the BBB?

Typically replies within an hour Message Now

Our apologies for the delayed response Sally. Sound like quite a adventure for your new phone. I would like to take an opportunity to welcome you to Verizon. We do appreciate your business. Let's look into removing that hard pull from your credit. We would need to have you request, in writing, the removal of this inquiry. Please direct your correspondence to the following address: Verizon CVC P.O. Box 49 Lakeland, FL 33802-0049 This correspondence does need to go through USPS only. - Jenelle

Do I put an attention too?

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