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Good-bye Verizon, Asurion Sucks!

I have been a customer with verizon for 7-8 years. I have been happy with the service received for the most part. But sadly, after this experience I do not think I can stay with Verizon any longer.

4 months ago I ran into medical problems. I could not work because I was battling Leukemia. I had a loss of income, I was struggling and still am somewhat today....

Today, I tried filing a claim with Asurion on my phone. I accidentally knocked it off my dining room counter. It's the iPhone 5. Unfortunately for me, it busted and cannot be used to say the least.

I am without any communication.

I am struggling and asked Verizon for help...

My monthly bill averages about $250.

3 lines (Smart Phones).

Each line has insurance.

All these years I've paid insurance. Never once have I put in a claim that I was at fault. I have put in two claims that were traced to the device being at fault.

I tried adding a 4th line. Regardless of the cost of the phone, even if $0 I had to pay fee's. I can't for 2 days. I asked Verizon to help. They would not bill it to the account because of my bill being late 2 months ago that resulted in disconnection for about 4 minutes.

I submitted the claim to Asurion. Asurion states that they will not accept Echeck payment or a bill-to-account because of that one time where I was late on payment. But Asurion of course tells me that $169 was due before anything could be completed.

Here I am all of these years with Verizon, paid all of this money to insurance and cannot get a single aid, I am sentenced to an illness and can barely get around right now, always paid my bill (but was late once), no communication with the outside world. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful christmas Verizon and Asurion

IF Verizon or Asurion reads this - to you I say... My anger is not directed toward you sir/m'am. It is the careless administration who your entity employs that have the huge ego of no chance. There are good people out there who need a little help and are good for it. Good da

All I was asking for was a refurbished phone, used, anything to be able to lay in bed and play words with friends and text my family. Just to get a 16GB iPhone 5. I'm not asking for free. Bill it to the account, something. I can't afford the high dollar deductible right now while I'm fighting medical issues and have it billed to account, anything. I wish there was something. If something happens, I have no communication to call anyone. This is scary if I fall again.

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Re: Good-bye Verizon, Asurion Sucks!
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If there is problem with the insurance it's Asurian's fault not Verizon. You don't blame GM if Geico messes up a claim. Secondly ALL carriers use Asurian. So you're not really doing anything by leaving Verizon.

Re: Good-bye Verizon, Asurion Sucks!
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Also being an iPhone you should be dealing with Apple not Asurian anyway. You should have Apple Care.

Re: Good-bye Verizon, Asurion Sucks!

I'm having a similar issue. My little boy three years old dropped my i-phone. The screen is not working, I have my mentally disables sister, and my widowed mother on my account. My mother cannot pay her part until the 3rd, I usually make a payment arrangement to assist her. I called in and Verizon said my only option as to file a claim.

I called asurion and they told me it would be $169 dollar deductible. They said, get this, the higher the giga bytes, the higher the deductible, giga bytes determines worth how? Sorry, but in today's day an age where we have terabytes and ever-advancing technology, that is a load of marlarkey.

I called Verizon back and spoke with SAM who said he could get a certified like new replacement phone, he said after about thirty minutes of trying to get some help, he put me on hold  for an hour and five minutes. I gave up after that much time and called back to get Kevin who said that because we have a past due balance (despite having been a customer for three years and having paid 18,000 dollars for my multiple lines and never having missed a payment, they cannot assist because I plan on paying my bill on the third of the month.

I asked for the call to be escalated where I spoke to a floor supervisor named "Pat" who claimed he was in the New York Office. It expressed my frustration and he said "I can't see where you were on hold for an hour".....he basically said I was lying about my long hold time. I have the call record, he's supposed to be she supervisor, want me to show it? He was very snarky and passed the call off to another floor supervisor because he had better things to do I guess.

Three years and 18,000 dollars of my money for what? What a rip!! I HATE VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Good-bye Verizon, Asurion Sucks!
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Like any insurance there is a  deductible.

After 2 claims on a device, they cancel, just like other insurance would.

Applecare covers warrany work, not damage or loss.

And yes Assurion is the insurance for all carriers.   Buy a life proof case and bank the money.  i calculated the number of years and phones my family has owned, at an average of $8.50 a month, I saved enough by NOT buying insurance to 3 smart phones.