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How do trade-ins work with preorders?

I currently have an iPhone 6 Plus and I want to trade it in towards the purchase of an iPhone X in October. I've done this before, but only in-store and not online. I want to make sure I get the iPhone X as soon as possible, so I'll be on here at 3am that day in October to preorder it.


1.) I assume I'll be able to use my iPhone 6 Plus until the iPhone X is shipped to me, but then what? Is the old iPhone deactivated as soon as I activate the new one? And then I send the old one back to Verizon?

2.) When I did a trade-in in-store, the value went towards buying an expensive case for my phone and they just did that right at the register. How will the trade-in work if I do it online? Will the trade-in value go to the price of the new phone? Will that be in the form of a smaller amount of money I have to pay upfront or will it be in reduced monthly payments?

3.) The current trade-in value of an iPhone 6 Plus in working condition is $170. Will that go down now since we're starting a new cycle of iPhones? If so, how much? Will Verizon be offering any special trade-in incentives for the new phone?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: How do trade-ins work with preorders?

Basically you'll preorder your new phone, Keep the iPhone 6 util the iPhone X gets shipped to you, With the iPhone X they will also ship you a box, its a prepaid box you will then ship back the iPhone 6. I imagine as long as your phone is paid off they will offer something then again your phone might not qualify sense it is getting old. But the phone trade in credit will either be applied to the iPhone X or to your bill. it does look like their offering 200 if your trade it in on the iPhone 8 so expect something like that.