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Iphone 5 stuck in "searching"

I was going into the subway in NYC and I turned my phone off to conserve battery. When I turned it back on above ground it got stuck in "searching" and nothing I seem to do will fix it.

Things I've tried:
1. Restarting phone
2. Restarting while Airplane mode is on.
3. Hard reboot
4. Resetting Network Settings
5. Taking out SIM card, restarting phone, reinserting SIM card

In my About screen it says the network is not available.

I just activated this phone about a month and a half ago with a new SIM card.
The only thing I haven't tried is a full factory reset. My computer is a bit outdated and I can't update my iTunes.
So it's more difficult to backup my phone and then reset it.
Any help?

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Re: Iphone 5 stuck in "searching"
Sr. Member

You've tried just about everything I'd suggest without the full factory reset.  I had an iP5 that had the same issue happen...signal just went to searching and nothing (including replacing the SIM help)...took it to the Apple Store where they replaced the device.  It's a common issue and if you search the forum here...many have had the same problem.  Sometimes resetting the network settings have worked...other have had success with a new SIM.