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Move from a low-capacity iphone 6 to a higher capacity model

I am a Verizon user now of several years. Frustrated with the 16GB capacity of my iphone 6, I have purchased a barely-used Verizon iphone 6 with 128GB, and now I want to move my number and all my content to the new(used) device. (For the moment I am presuming that the phone is not hindered by either fraudulent activity or unpaid bills, so that the essence of the move is technical rather than administrative.)

I would use the My Verizon app to move the content, except that the new(used) iphone has no SIM card. It appears that the new(used) iphone never gets past the first setup screen or two without it, and so the new(used) device cannot get anywhere, let alone to the My Verizon app. May I instead just move the SIM card from my existing/old iphone? What if anything do I lose by doing that? How do I restore content? I have backed up my existing iphone using iTunes' encrypted format, so that all private data as well as apps are ready to restore -- but can the restore be done to the new(used) phone as if restoring to the old? If so, I presume that the SIM has to be moved first.

Is there a better way? Is there any chance of losing my content?

I'd like to retain the existing/old iphone as a completely functional wifi-only device without phone #. Does doing so require that phone to have a SIM card also?


p.s. Instead of posting my question, I would have preferred to find the solution already here somewhere, but keyword searching doesn't result in messages that suit the situation -- or perhaps the perfect solution may simply be somewhere in the haystack.

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Re: Move from a low-capacity iphone 6 to a higher capacity model
Customer Support

ITgreybeard, ensuring that you are able to transfer your content from one device to another is always a priority. This can be preformed by following the steps provided on this link: . From there, select the option to transfer from iPhone to iPhone and you'll be good to go. As for using the old device as a Wi-Fi only device, this will not require a SIm Card but only needs a Wi-Fi connection when in use.


Re: Move from a low-capacity iphone 6 to a higher capacity model
Sr. Leader

Relax.  You’re over thinking.  You did a backup to iTunes (check).   You will need to move the SIM card to the new phone, it has no effect on the old phone, other than not being able to make or get calls till the new phone is set up.   Using iTunes, set up phone as ‘new with your back up from the old phone’.