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Network Outage

I am concerned that the network outage after Hurricane Irma is now going on FIVE DAYS and no one can provide an ETA on when it will be fixed.  I understand natural disasters happen but I also know that companies, especially large ones like Verizon, should have a Disaster Recovery plan that is responsible.  I am wondering if there is not a level or throttling occurring which then says that as a customer, I am being considered less valuable.  The reason why I ask is because I am getting 1 bar of service on the phone which suggests that the strength is not there to maintain and complete calls.  I have spoken to 6 Reps over the past 3.5 days and all being very good at apologizing but with no input on when it will end.

It does not help much to then listen to an interview TODAY with CEO Lowell McAdam, when asked about competition where he is posturing that Verizon is the best and advises that during the hurricane, less than 2% of the Verizon community was affected.

Who else is having this service issue?  Any luck in getting the attention to get this resolved?  Any suggestions?

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Re: Network Outage

If you actually have a signal, that is not an outage.

There could easily be other problems restricting the coverage from the normal pre-hurricane signal and after the storm. The utility power might not be online and the towers are still running on generator power restricting the output level of the network. The backhaul (fiber optic or telephone lines) could be damaged restricting the bandwidth of the calls and data.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.