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New Phone with Existing Device Purchase Agreement

I currently have an iPhone 13 Pro that I got last year with Device Purchase Agreement with 13 months remaining, and it includes promotional credits for 13 months as part of the trade in I gave. 

I want to go to the Apple Store and purchase a new iPhone 14 Pro out right, in full, without any trade in.  Can I make this new iPhone 14 Pro my new device on my existing line without affecting my device purchase agreement and the associated credits? I will then my iPhone 13 Pro myself on Facebook Marketplace.

Can you please confirm I will not lose my promotional credits?

Re: New Phone with Existing Device Purchase Agreement
Customer Support

Hello ricotewsa, thank you for contacting us. We're here to help! As long as your device payment agreement continues, your monthly credits will continue as well. The credits will stop if you pay off your device payment agreement. 



Re: New Phone with Existing Device Purchase Agreement

I got stuck in a situation because a representative gave me the wrong information and all I got was a sorry about that. To answer your question if you buy a phone outright Verizon will charge you for what you still owe on your 13 so you will buy a phone outright and still have to pay the remaining balance on the old phone.