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New upgrade phone ? Arrived ? Can't set up


My husband ordered anew apple 7 phone to replace my 5 but I can't get it to set up.

i think it might be connected to his phone number not mine, as that number is on the order sheet

If I take it to Verizon dealer store can they set it up.

Does my spouse need to be present to authorize?

phone was ordered from Verizon where we have acct under his name. Phone was his upgrade, I believe but he asked if it could go to me.

thank you so much!

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Re: New upgrade phone ? Arrived ? Can't set up
Sr. Member

You can definitely go to a VZW store to have this done if you like, but I would recommend calling in so you don't have to go anywhere.

If you call in to do the device swap/activation you just need to provide the IMEI and ICCID (sim) which will be listed on the invoice you mentioned. You can activate it to any line on the account, it doesn't have to be put on the one it was ordered under.

They will likely need to speak with him since you stated it is under his name-- are you listed as an account manager on the account? If not, they should be able to contact him via phone to get authorization/access for the account. This is additionally why I recommend doing over the phone, so you don't run into them not helping you if you aren't listed on the account.....

Re: New upgrade phone ? Arrived ? Can't set up

Take the SIM card from the iPhone 5 and put it in the new iPhone then turn it on and follow the on screen instructions.

Re: New upgrade phone ? Arrived ? Can't set up
Customer Support

Lukevinyl and Sprmankalel thank you for those great tips and suggestions for LAMvegeburger72 to get the new phone activated with the right number. 

LAMvegeburger72, that's so awesome that your husband bought you a new iPhone. You are going to love the iPhone 7 and how fast it runs. As Lukevinyl mention, if your husband has you added on as an account, he will not need to be present if you are visiting a store location, chatting, or calling us. If you need to be added, please have your husband, click here: to add you on the account as an account manager. If you haven't already gone into a store location, I would love to help you here. I have sent you a private message to get more information from you.  


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