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Can't get notifications from android phone for text message

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Re: Notifications
Customer Support


Let's get your notifications popping in like they belong for you! Missing out on messages is not fun at all.

Can you walk me through where you're going to access your messages normally? When did you stop receiving messages from Android devices? What make/model device are you using currently?

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Re: Notifications

Try this.  Verizon Support, you might want to add this to your knowledgebase.  The phone in question is an LG G4 with the latest system updates, but this would happen on other phones as well, almost certainly, because of the nature of the cause.  If you lose your notification sounds (some or all of them, usually it's only selected notification sounds), go to your Downloaded Applications list, and see if you have downloaded any utilities that get rid of clutter on your phone, or that "optimize" your phone, or clean up its memory/storage, etc.  One or more of those apps may well be the problem.  However BEFORE you go and try uninstalling the first of those apps (you may have to try more than one app to find the offender), open the application settings menu for it, and make sure that the settings for all your notifications are turned ON in that app, first (that is what was causing you to get no notification sound).  Then go to Application Manager and uninstall the app (again, you may have to try more than one of those kind of apps, to find the offenders).  Your notification sounds should be restored, once you find the offending application.  In this particular case, the offending download was an application called "Junk Cleaner," and it was overriding the notification settings from the operating system, so no matter whether the system settings were correct or not (they were correct), this application was overriding the operating system settings and substituting it's own settings, and some of the notification sounds had been turned off by default.  Good luck!