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Problems with iOS software

Dear Apple company,

please fix this problem soon or you might lose me to android.

I upgraded to a iPhone 5c recently and my screen keeps freezing.

So far my phone has: turn on and off by itself several times, frozen in the text message application (locking me out of the function completely), and frozen on the lock screen... what if I was being attacked? I wouldn't even be able to call for help!

I received a replacement phone from Verizon only to have the same thing happen. I came to find out it's a problem other Apple-heads are having because of the most recent software update. The rep I spoke basically told me in the nicest way possible there was nothing she could do to help me.

Considering what I pay to have the conveince of this type of phone, I'd like it to work properly and expect a solution soon.

This is ridiculous.

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Re: Problems with iOS software

I understand being frustrated about your phone not working. However, you're on the Verizon website and this is not a Verizon issue. You need to contact APPLE. If your phone is not working you should see about getting a warranty replacement, orgetting the phone serviced by a Genius (Apple expert). Hope this helps.

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