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Question about IMEI and new iPhone 6s

I ordered a new iPhone 6s from my local Verizon store on the first day the 6s went on sale (the national company is Z Wireless). Because the phone has yet to be delivered to the store (although they have the model I ordered IN STOCK at the store). They said MY phone had not yet been delivered.  I told them to simply cancel my order and sell me the same model from the stock in the store. The manager replied that he cannot cancel the order, because the phone to be delivered has an IMEI assigned to me. He said he can't just swap out my ordered phone for one in the store.

When I pressed him on this, he said that the company would believe he was defrauding them if he cancelled the current order and just sole one off the shelf.

This sounds crazy to me. How is it possible that a customer cannot cancel an order for a product that has not yet been delivered?

My specific question is this: Is IMEI on a new iPhone 6s assigned to a specific customer BEFORE the phone has been activated on his Verizon account, or is this seller just blowing smoke? 

I am really ticked off at this guy for other reasons, too, (like hidden fees they did not disclose prior to the purchase) but this is the big one.

Help!!  Any thoughts?

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Re: Question about IMEI and new iPhone 6s

Because it's not a corporate store it's hard to say how they do things. It's possible that the ordered phone is tied to you since the same would be true if you ordered from Verizon's website. Just not sure why he can't cancel the order unless it's already been processed. In the future, if there is an actual corporate Verizon store in your area (not Z-wireless or any other authorized retailer) it might be best to go to it. AR tend to have certain rules and extra fees that don't correspond with a corporate store.