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Sending/Receiving text/messages/calls between iphones not working

I have two contacts on the same Verizon account that I can not directly call or text (my father).  I receive their text and their phone calls go directly to my voice mail. When I try to send a message it looks/sounds like it sends then turns green to say sent as text instead of an imessage.  When I call it goes directly to their voice mail.  I have checked their iphones and I am not blocked on either of them.  We are both Verizon users.  Have you heard of this before.  This has been going on for about 6 months and I cannot find a clear answer to this.  I have tried several steps such as restarting phones, etc., but nothing has worked.  HELP!

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Re: Sending/Receiving text/messages/calls between iphones not working

I would say that they have your number blocked somehow, but it also sounds like you have already gone through most of the troubleshooting steps I would have tried. Are they are the same account as you? I wasn't entirely sure based on your description.

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Re: Sending/Receiving text/messages/calls between iphones not working
Customer Support

SCORSUR26, I would be just as concerned with my messages and calls being affected in this way, especially between family members. Ann154 asked great clarifying questions regarding this experience. In addition, I recommend checking our Call & Message Blocking services through My Verizon:


While the blocks sound like they are based from the phone/Apple ID itself (due to calls going to voicemail/iMessages not sending) it is worth a shot to ensure there isn't a block set up from our end. Our block would stop calls and texts from coming through, but we would not be able to block iMessage.


Please keep us posted.



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Re: Sending/Receiving text/messages/calls between iphones not working

I was facing same issue but thanks to my friend who helped me by suggesting few troubleshooting few tips mentioned here