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Trade In Issue

So, this is a little complicated and very stressful.


I switched to Verizon from AT&T and I as excited to get my new phone and trade-in my old one for credit.

At the store, picking up my new phone, I was given a box to send my phone in. About a week later one was shipped to my house too. I decided to use the box given to my at the store to send it in because I had already packaged it up and assumed it’d be no big deal.

Well, turns out the tracking number for that box is different then the one associated with my account. And I did not know this. I have never had a phone plan of my own and didn’t even consider this was a possibility.

It’s been 2 weeks and I can’t track the status of my package, and looking wt the forums I’m worried I won’t get the deal promised to me when I switched over from my parents’ plan.

I know I should have been more thorough, but this is just really disheartening. I’m having a baby soon and the stress of dealing with this is just not helping.

Anyone experience something similar and get it resolved?

Re: Trade In Issue


Managed to work this out with customer service after an extensive search for the tracking number.

Hopefully this is resolved like they said it would be, but I am cautiously optimisitic!