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Trade in woes....

After reading through some of the other posts on this issue, I guess my issue isn't all that original... I had two iPhone 5s to trade in after my husband and I got the new iPhone 6s in October.  I received the "promo codes" for trade in, and honestly, one of the trade in experiences went perfectly fine.  I received the $200 credit on my account as stated, and things were perfect.  The other experience, however, was not so ideal (ironically, the first trade in I did was the less than ideal experience, and the second went smoothly...).  When I tried to use the promo code for my first trade in, I got a fraud alert call from Verizon and a hold put on my account.  When I called in, the woman I spoke with was curt, to put things nicely, and when she removed the hold, she removed the promo code apparently, because instead of getting $200 for the phone, I got $62.  I tried contacting Verizon online, and was given a number to call -- but after at least a dozen times with no answer, I got completely frustrated and gave up on it.  Has anyone had any luck with this?  Honestly, it's just so frustrating, and I really am just sick of trying to get help with this and hitting nothing but roadblocks.

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Re: Trade in woes....
Customer Support

It is troubling to read of the experience causing frustrating, amattix. Together we’ll pave the way towards getting this original amount. Do you have the original submission ID along with the email sent to your inbox with the estimated value? Additionally did a follow up email arrive explaining the reason for the difference between estimated amount and the amount received?

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Re: Trade in woes....

The problematic first submission id is: [removed]

The second submission that worked fine is: [removed]

The issue is that the first submission had generated a $200 credit, but

when the fraud alert was activated, the promo code disappeared and the

value (before I turned in the phone) changed from $200 to $62.  Had I seen

that change, I never would have submitted the phone.  Personally, the

biggest issue for me is the way in which the Verizon agent originally dealt

with the fraud alert (I truly used "curt" as a nice description of the

interaction), and the fact that the number I was given to help me sort out

this issue was never answered... So truly I felt my time was not valued -

nor were my concerns considered important.  I've typically had good luck

with Verizon - both in terms of a cellular and cable provider - over the

past several years, but this experience has really left a bad taste in my

mouth, so to speak.  I'm terribly sorry to off-load this on you, as I

realize none of this was your doing, but quite honestly this has just been

nothing short of disappointing.

On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 8:18 AM, Verizon Wireless Customer Support <

Personal information removed as required by the

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Re: Trade in woes....

I was one of the fortunate ones and both of my trade-ins went off without a hitch.

Re: Trade in woes....
Sr. Member

I've seen various threads on this subject and have never commented on one. My only suggestion is to try and contact the trade-in toll free # during a non peak time so hopefully you get right thru and maybe speak to a Supervisor. To me, its clear what happened in your situation. It wasn't over the iPhone being damanaged or what not it was over a promo code. Good luck and let us know.

Re: Trade in woes....

Thanks - I wish I could say that got me somewhere, but I still couldn't get through... And although asked for information via Verizon here, there's been no follow up from them after that at all.  At some point, I'm not sure how much this is worth the headache!