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Using personal hotspot--- keeping it consistently discoverable in a home network situation- possible?

My mom lives out in the country and found her satellite internet WiFi wasn't cutting it for Zoom meetings. Realizing that Verizon service has gotten a lot better in the area recently, I decided to try options for using VZW for WiFi. The simplest thing to do was to just add a plan with Personal Hotspot.

Phone is iPhone SE 2020. I assumed that if we kept Personal Hotspot "allow to join" as always on on the iPhone, that the network would always be discoverable by other devices in the home once the iPhone comes back into range. I'm finding that not to be true. I'm finding that pretty consistently, one has to turn "allow to join" off and back on to make things like the computer or other phones see the hotspot network. Even though they've connected before, and in the case of the computer, have it set as the primary "connect automatically" network.

Is this how it's supposed to work? Were my expectations too high? Or are there tips that improve this situation? Obviously looking for a situation that doesn't involve constant going into settings.

Re: Using personal hotspot--- keeping it consistently discoverable in a home network situation- possible?

Unlikely. For one, using the mobile hotspot feature can drain the battery. Two, most phones will disable the setting if there are no devices connected to the hotspot.


You might want to consider a Jetpack or another option if you want a permanently on connection. Even then a Jetpack isn't intended to be an "always on" internet connection. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Using personal hotspot---
Customer Support

munnlete, the mobile hotspot is a great feature to have. As you have described it, it is working as designed. You shouldn't; however, have to enter the password for the connection each time.  -Tionna