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Verizon Not Honoring iPhone 6s BOGO Offer

I recently upgraded a phone on my account to an iPhone 6s during the buy one get one (BOGO) promotion.  Other than BOGO, there was also an option to get $300 credit toward an iPad.  I had not heard of the promotion and wished to consider which option was best for my needs.  I was told by the Verizon rep that I would have 14 days to decide.  When I decided within the 14 day period to take advantage of the BOGO offer, I was told that the promotion was over and they would not honor it.  This latest shell game from Verizon has me strongly considering returning the upgraded phone, paying off the account and finding another carrier.

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Re: Verizon Not Honoring iPhone 6s BOGO Offer
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

The BOGO was for a purchase of 2 phones on the same receipt. When you purchase a phone, you have a 14 day period to return that phone and make a different purchase, so to take advantage of the BOGO you would have had to return your phone, pay the $35 restocking fee and purchase the 2 phones in the same transaction IF the BOGO offer is still available. So, in essence you DID have a 14 day window to make up your mind, but that was dependent upon the offer still being available.

Verizon does not publicize the end dates of their promotions, even to their salespeople. Salespeople do not necessarily know when a promotion ends, they only know about CURRENT promotions and can only offer such. They cannot offer a promotion which has expired, same as with other providers.

Good luck with the new provider if that is what you choose.Smiley Happy

Re: Verizon Not Honoring iPhone 6s BOGO Offer

I just posted this response in another thread about the Samsung 7 bogo deal.  Apparently there are issues with that deal as well.

Here is what I am currently dealing with:

Summary:  The bogo offer was for the iphone 6 or 6s. 

The sales representative said the SE was also eligible.  We asked if they were sure about this, because the flyer we had in our hand did not specify the SE.  She said it was. 

A week after purchasing the phones we find out from Verizon that they will not honor the bogo because the SE was not part of the offer.  We attempted to call the Verizon store that we purchased them from several times. 

The sales representative called us back and said we could exchange the incorrect phones for the correct ones, and we had plenty of time to do so.

We asked for a manager to call us to get the specifics and when to coordinate as we were out of the state.

No manager called back.

I called the store, spoke to a manager who started to help me, put me on hold, and then the call was disconnected.  I called right back and another representative answered and said the manager was "busy."

I went into the store today.  I spoke with a manager who looked up our information and said they couldn't help us because the bogo deal had expired, and it was past the 14 day return window. 

I pressed that it was their fault that they sold the wrong phones to us, and that they have not been returning our phone calls and that they needed to rectify the issue. 

After a long argument with the manager the manager offered $250 in discounts on the next 5 months of bills.  (Not even half the value of the phone that was supposed to be free).  I said, 'no,' and told the manager I expected a satisfactory resolution within 7 days.

I then called the main Verizon support line who then contacted the store and I am now awaiting a return call from the manager by Wed. of next week to give me a response.

Extremely unhappy with this Verizon store.