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Verizon Store Mistakenly Deactivated Watch - now wont connect to cellular

I went into Verizon store to upgrade an Ipad to an Iphone 10 - nothing to do with watch as this is a 5-line business account and watch is attached to a different line - got home and watch wouldn't call new line - no cellular connection now - rendering expensive watch worthless - nobody wants to assume any responsibiity - Apple says go to Verizon - Verizon says go to Apple - but in the end it is a VErizon error code that results saying cannot "add a line" - which is ridiculous because we  can add a line - or take away a line - we could have any amount of lines. This is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING - watch only a few months old and now won't connect to VErizon cellular - and nobody is currently taking responsibility.

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