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Verizon employee screwed me over!!!

Okay. I was asked to join an employee account bc it would be cheaper for me. Then she overcharged me the entire 1st year of the contract. She got word I was getting a new number so she suspended my iPhone. I went to Verizon that night to be put on my moms account and receive a new number while still having the old phone, and the service still suspended (reported stolen, all in the middle of the billing cycle). 2 questions. Do I legally have to give my old phone back? And 2. Am I legally required to give her money for the etf, last months bill??

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Re: Verizon employee screwed me over!!!
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Your post does not make a whole lot of sense.

Did you join your mom's account or did you join an employee account? Who is the "she" who overcharged you? What were you paying before? What are you paying now? Do you have 2 lines? Who reported the phone stolen? Did you get an insurance replacement? Give the old phone back to whom? Give who the money for the ETF, your mother?

Re: Verizon employee screwed me over!!!

If the account that the phone was on belongs to someone else (as in the account is in someone else's name) then the phone belongs to them if they want it unless you can prove you paid for the phone and are willing to do so in court if necessary. Even then you may be required to turn the phone over if the contract on the account isn't completed. You're not saying who "she" is but I'm not sure how this equates to a Verizon Employee screwing you over unless you too were a Verizon Employee. Also not sure how you've determined you were being overcharged for a full year (based on what?) but none of this has anything to do with Verizon. You went into some sort of agreement with a person and not with Verizon so unless you have some other info to clarify the situation Verizon didn't screw you over. Whoever "she" is may have.