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Why do other screens show underneath the screen I have open?

I have the iPhone6S Plus, 64GB, with plenty of storage left on it.

In the past couple of months, I have actually started seeing two things happen.  The first I noticed was when I had a window open, I will often see colors from the last screen? I had opened.  I first noticed it when I was using a picture of a super blue night time shot as my locked screen. I thought maybe the very bright color blue of the picture was too bright and kind of over powering all the other screens (windows) I opened.  So, I changed  both my lock and home screens to much more mellow pictures.  But it still happens quite often.  Is this normal?

The other thing I have started seeing, is when I am sometimes using a screen or app or which ever, it will sometimes drop down to a half screen with a black screen on the upper half.  I'm not talking about maybe opening the notification screen by accident.  There is nothing on the top half.  Which BTW, I did just now pull down my notification screen, and it is a deep red color on the top, which turns into a grey color about a half inch down, and then there is a small portion on about the bottom third of the screen towards the right.  OK......I just closed the notification screen, and the red colors underneath were coming from a you tube page I had open. 

That's it folks.  Can anyone tell me if either of these things are normal, and why it happens?  Or should I be taking my phone to the Apple store while it is still under warranty?

Thank you so much

Barb M.

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Re: Why do other screens show underneath the screen I have open?
Sr. Member

   Barboh, I have the iPhone 6s Plus 128GB when pulling down the notification screen or swiping up from the bottom. The screen will be slightly transparent where I'll see a slight color of the icons from the home page showing through, but it's not really an issue, or extreme as with what you're pointing out.

  What I would try where you're seeing something from a youtube website recently visited etc., is to free up some memory. Press twice on the home button and swipe upward to remove what's been visited and stored. Then go to Setting > Safari > Advanced > Website Data  and clear that out to 0 bytes.