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Why is it so hard to ship the preordered Iphone 7's first and make the ones buying them now wait a few weeks?

I mean I PRE ordered my iphone 7 on the 9th. and today people are walking in verizon stores all over the country walking out with a iphone7. I understand that certain colors/ sizes etc may delay shipment but shouldnt have all iphones that were preordered been passes out first?

Verizon, please tell me what the point of this pre order business was all about if the pre orders are being put at the bottom of the list?

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Re: Why is it so hard to ship the preordered Iphone 7's first and make the ones buying them now wait a few weeks?

Store supplies are separate from online preorder supplies. People that choose to stand in line in stores with the unknown of whether the store has supplies of what they want shouldn't be considered less important because others took the more convenient route of ordering from home. I say this as someone that has preordered often. You can't be upset at those that you assume are getting quicker access to devices because they physically went to the store. They decided to take the risk and do the leg work. FYI this idea that everyone that walks in to a store is walking out with a device is false. Many stores received little to no stock. The issue is low supply versus ridiculously high demand. No matter what....that's not the carriers fault. Apple has the bulk of the responsibility. Since they don't announce the exact supply numbers but this happens every time a new iPhone is released it's safe to say that Apple either underestimates the demand, ignores supply issues instead of pushing back releases when they know they don't have enough to go around, or is content. Same goes for other brands because madness happens often. Ultimately...if you want think you can walk into a store now and get what you want then you have the option of canceling your preorder. Go to the store, verify they have it, and then use your current device to call CS and cancel your order.