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Will buying a new iPhone straight from Apple using the "Apple iPhone Payments" option allow me to use the phone outside the US with a local carrier?



Here in the pic is an example of the payment option I'm talking about. By selecting the monthly payments and using my Verizon account for it is the phone unlocked? I'm going on a trip outside the US later this year and planning on using a local prepaid carrier while I'm there for that reason I would need the phone to come unlocked. I'm looking around online and have seen that this option is very similar to the iPhone Upgrade Program just without the yearly upgrade or already included applecare+ and I've heard THAT plan will give unlocked phones from the start but I'm looking at this plan because I don't need the yearly upgrade but not sure if the phones are unlocked just like they would be in the iPhone Upgrade Program... it says in the pic "works with your carrier and rate plan" so I would assume that there would be no problems while on my trip? And since the trip isn't until later this year does anyone know if Apple allows this payment option during pre orders right after they announce new iPhones this year? If they do, I would still go ahead with the purchase except I'd wait for them to put their new iPhones for pre order on their site instead of buying one of the current models since there's just under 3 months left before the next iPhone are out.

Apple iPhone Payments
Customer Support

Thanks so much for reaching out to us regarding your upgrade directly from Apple. You will need check with Apple to make sure the device is unlocked when you purchase it from them. That is not something we have the answer to. 


When a device is purchased with our Annual Upgrade Program, it will be unlocked once you activate it on your plan.