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Wilson signal booster and iphone

background ....

Had mi fi for Internet  , Samsung Intensity || and Motorola all  worked with Wilson Antenna signal booster.

Samsung current signal  is 2 bars now boosted to 4 with Wilson antenna .

Motorola phone recent upgrade to iphone 6 .

Verizon salesperson suggested drop mifi and use iphone hotspot to connect to Internet .

We explained we're in an RV and sometimes in poor signal area . We raised concerns about poor signal on iphone working with Wilson booster for calls  and hotspot use ...he assured us it would work.

After upgrade and use , Hotspot link not recognized as "wi fi" therefore unable to back up to icloud .. Message pop up says need wi fi connection


1. Will iphone work with Wilson signal booster

      if so what connections  are needed?

      If not, is there a product to boost  the iphone     

      signal ?

2. How can I back up to iCloud using hotspot?

3. My ipad and iphone are no longer linked, entry

     on one is not uodated on the other ...


  So tempted to take all back and have mi fi    

       reconnected. Any help appreciated ..

Thanks in advance

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Re: Wilson signal booster and iphone
Customer Support

Pondhopper2 we are here to help. You have come to the right place. As far as the Wilson signal booster that you mentioned, you may want to check with the manufacturer to see if it will work with the iPhone. I do apologize, we would not have that information. We do offer our own Network Extender. Here is a link with more information regarding our extender: When you are referring to backing up to iCloud, are you tring to back up to iCloud with the iPhone or the iPad?
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Re: Wilson signal booster and iphone

Thanks for speedy reply ..

According to the details in your link , the extender is plugged into the high speed internet connection in the home. .

We are in an RV.. Our internet was a mi -fi  but now is the hotspot on the iphone .

Can the extender be connected to the iphone?

iCloud back up issues -

I'm individually trying to back up  the ipad and iphone.

iphone is setup as hotspot  with ipad linked to hotspot. In this configuration back up of ipad fails.

Pop up message says needs wifi connection to back up .

Just as a comment  my new Verizon  iphone has 1 bar.

My English iphone sat alongside it has  automatically selected a carrier other than Verizon and has 3 bars .

Frustrating ....

Thanks again for any help