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when calling to different area codes, I did not use the 1 before.  worked great until a few days ago.  Then verision said I didn't have long distance service.  I went to the verison store for help and she said I needed to put the 1 before the area code.  Why is that?  So do I need to edit all my contacts and add the 1or is there a simplier way?

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Re: area codes
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I specialize in technical support as well as international. I work with phones everyday. I have extensive knowledge of the inner workings with phones and how the numbers work.

A phone number is constructed of 3 parts. There is the NPA (Numbing Plan Area [area code]), there is the NXX which identifies the Central Area within the NPA (area code) and then the XXXX which identifies the station within the NXX. That's why our numbers look like this: NPA-NXX-XXXX.

When we are dialing with a number 1 in front of the NPA-NXX-XXXX this identifies the call as a long distance call. If you dial NXX-XXXX without the NPA, the call cannot be completed UNLESS you are inside the same NPA as the number you are dialing. This is a local call. For example, if I were in the 222 NPA and I called a NXX-XXXX with the NPA of 222 then the call will be successful. But if I leave the 222 area code and go to 333, and dial the same number it wont be successful.

If you are calling an international destination (for example, Canada), you dial a + sign which identifies the call as an international dialing and then the country code (since Canada is in North America it is 1) and then the NPA (if applicable) then the NXX-XXXX.

One thing I hear a lot is how are the numbers picked? The letter 'N' can be a number between 2-9, and the letter 'X' can be a number between 0-9.

Re: area codes
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Is this in regards to landline or cellular service?

For cellular domestic calls, the leading "1" shouldn't be required as dialing is either 7 or 10 digits.

For landline service, local calls can be either 7 or 10 digits, depending upon how the area codes are laid out/administered. Toll, toll-free and long distance calls would require 1+10 digits.

Re: area codes
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I want you to be able to communicate with your friends and family khouslet. Acrillix, does make a good point and I do hope that has helped you understand the need of placing the one in front of the phone number. Have you been able to make calls again since placing the one if front of the number?

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