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cant send mms with new iphone

just got an new iphone 6 and everything is working fine except the message

i can send message to myself through imessage (since the message box is green) indicating that imessage is working

when i tried to send a message to a non-iphone number it said "not delivered", and i cant receive any MMS from other neither.

i tried to send a message from another phone to this iphone it said failed to send too

* i made sure that imessage, SMS and MMS are all turn on

* reset network once, wifi is working, data is working too when i turned wifi off

* no number is blocked

* almost every setting is default since i just got the iphone

* i can make a call perfectly

* and nothing in other posts seem to work for me right now

* oh and everything is definitely up to date

* already tried to turn the device off and on (like three times)

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Re: cant send mms with new iphone
Sr. Member

Good work on all the steps you took! Pretty thorough, although I am a bit confused at your imessage showing up green, because imessages should show up blue.

Anyway, it sounds like you will need to call up to Tech Support and have them sync your account features. Its a pretty quick call, and seems like the only thing, other than a factory reset, that you haven't already hit.

Re: cant send mms with new iphone
Sr. Member

although... what does it say when you click on the "send and recieve" box in message settings?

Re: cant send mms with new iphone
Customer Support


I am so sorry for the issues you are having with MMS and SMS issue. I do agree with nicholasbranson you have been extremely thorough with all the troubleshooting you have done. Thank you for all that you have done thus far. When you go to settings what does it show in the field Send & Receive? Does it show 2 addresses? Does it show both your number and your Apple ID in there? If you could please try this... go back into your settings and turn MMS and send as SMS off. Hold down the power button and home button at the same time, until the device power cycles. Once the device fully turns back on go back into the settings and Turn MMS and SMS back on. Then test to see if you can send an MMS. Please keep us posted.


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