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I currently have an iPhone 6 with the unlimited talk/text (2GB data) for $60 a month. My contract expires in 29 days and I just got a new iphone (verizon replaced it) because of battery issues.

Is it a better deal to switch the new plan that offers either 2Gb or 4GB of data? I don't need a new phone. I do have an upgrade available but like I said just got a new phone today. Just trying to figure out the best plan for the money.

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Re: data plan

Depends. I have two lines with 16 GIGS. Do you have an issue going over 2? Can you not get full enjoyment (i.e. listening to Pandora, streaming videos, etc) the price difference? Then you also get carry over data, so if your traveling and need GPS then you can have extra for those months that you need it. And the price difference?

Re: data plan
Sr. Leader

In 29 days, the cost of the new plan for you will be $55.  You will get carryover data and safety mode, which prevents any overage and gives you unlimited slow data. 

What you will give up is subsidized upgrades.   With you current plan you can get a new phone for a reduced price in return for a contract for 24 months. On your current plan, your price doesn't change.  With the new plan, any new phone you buy would be device payments, interest free over 24 months.

Pro and con each way, not a cut and dry choice.  Depends on what is important to you.