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iPad with Verizon APN

I was looking for some info on the APN settings for an IPAD.  My coworker talked to Apple and Verizon when we were having issues with the static IP. I later found out that iPads don't work very well with static IPs unless you use their Apple Configuration utility. Well, go figure, that tool can only be used on a MAC. Thank god I knew someone outside of the business that has a MAC. So got the tool and ready to enter in all of the fields I need for the APN. But I have a question that might be answered within the forum here verse going through Verizon support. I already have the APN needed. But it also asks for an Access Point User Name. I'm assuming that's the (verizon phone number)@vwz but I don't know the rest of that username. I looked online and seen ones like but I have a 4gLTE. So it's it  And the other thing is the password. Is that the same as it has been? (vzw). Thanks!

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Re: iPad with Verizon APN

This is an old post but I have searched everywhere and found the answer on Apples forums. To give credit I am copying and pasting from there. Also make sure you ask when you get your static IP "What is my APN" there are 4 to 5 different APN's that it could be.

1. On any Mac, install Apple Configurator 2 from App Store.  I am using Apple Configurator 2.2 (3C56) on MacBook Pro, OSX El Capitan 10.11.14.

2. Launch Apple Configurator, go to File->New Profile.

3. Scroll down to select "Cellular", then Configure.

4. Select Configured APN Type -> Data APN, enter Data APN Name = "mw01.vzwstatic", leave all other settings blank/default as shown below.

5. Go to File->Save.

6. Connect iPad to Mac with USB cable.

7. Right click on picture of attached iPad device in Apple Configurator and select "Add->Profiles"

8. Browse to the location where you saved the profile, select it, then Add.

9. You may get prompted to replace the existing profile, if so click Replace.

10. iPad will pop up an "Install Profile" dialog for you to review, then click "Install", then click "Install" again to install an unsigned profile.

11. iPad will pop up "Profile Installed", click "Done".

12. You might see a popup saying data has been activated successfully.

13. Now you can browse the Internet over 3G/4G and use your device's static IP address, to verify it browse to or install SpeedTest app and go to Settings to view internal/external IP addresses, you should see an IP there like 166.###.###.### which is your static IP.

Credit How to Set Static IP on Verizon Data Plan iPad? | Communities