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iPhone 4s - no service

I've been a Verizon customer for at least a few years now and due to service issues within this past year, I've considered switching services when my contract expires to search for something more reliable. Giving Verizon the benefit of the doubt, I've decided to post to the community to see if there is a solution I just haven't found yet because I would like to remain a Verizon customer, however, not if this will be a persistent issue with this phone and future phones.

Every so often (I'd say once or twice a month) my iPhone will randomly say 'no service' (even while I'm in a high reception area) and is essentially a paper weight. After researching, I was told to reset my network settings (this usually works and when the phone is restarted, the service is back). However, this time, my phone read 'no service' for over an hour and nothing I did would fix the problem (1. Reset Network Settings; 2. Changed my spatial location *It's not an issue of being in a "bad reception area" - it happens just about anywhere* ; 3. Restarted my iPhone without resetting anything, etc.). At this point, I am pretty frustrated and although I finally have my service back, I'd like to know why this keeps happening! I pay a lot for Verizon because its typically reliable and has a reputation of GOOD SERVICE so why all of a sudden is this becoming a bigger issue? I've posted to Apple communities about the issue and read what others with similar problems have said and most come to the conclusion that it is the service provider and not an issue with Apple.

Please Help!

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Re: iPhone 4s - no service
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I've mentioned this in an earlier post that I had this problem with my iP5.  It would randomly go to "No Service" in places where I knew I've had service before.  One day it went to "No Service" and never regained a signal.  I was initially told that I had a bad SIM card...which, believe it or not, tends to fix most people's problem from what I've read on random forums and message boards.  However, that was not the case with my iP5.  They tried to swap the SIM thinking that would fix the didn't.  Went to the Apple Store and a tech tried for about 5 minutes and couldn't get it.  They deemed my phone was bad and replaced it for me. suggestion, try getting a new SIM card and with all hope that will fix your problem.  If not, and you know for sure that it isn't the area in which you live, then I'd head to the Apple store to see if you can find some help there...or last resort, it may be time to replace your device if you can...Good luck!

Re: iPhone 4s - no service
Customer Support

We value your loyalty MegHarrington9 and want to make sure you receive the service you deserve. I understand this may be frustrating but we'll do everything in our power to resolve it. What's your zip code? Any damage, physical or water, to the phone? Which iPhone model (generation) do you have? Please go to Settings>General>About>Version. What's the version number?

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